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A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free
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10th-Oct-2007 05:02 pm - whatever happened to baby jane?
It's been a long time since I've even had the inclination to write in this journal. It's strange, I almost couldn't stop writing in it at once point. I've not got the internet in the new flat either, so I guess that doesn't help. I've been doing many strange and wonderful things in London for the past 3 weeks but I can't remember what most of them are now. Interesting antidotes are so hard to remember when you're under pressure. I'm in the library wishing that I could be somewhere having fun or drinks or sitting in a cafe reading or watching a french film in bed and not understanding it or walking through a park and hoping not to be mugged or sitting on the crowded tube reading the london paper and knowing I don't have to get off for the next five stops. All of those things are preferable to what I'm doing now.

I'm reading Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd at the minute. Something about the disassociation of English sensibilities and religion and cults and the plague with a little bit of the Enlightenment thrown in for good measure. I'm still not completely sure what the book is about but I'll keep on going until I do. There's a little bookshop in Camden that I can't keep away from - I can't remember the name but it's on the opposite side of the lock from Lloyds - and I've been there so many times recently the older gentleman who works there has started giving me a bit of a discount. I would love to marry a book-shop owner - what heaven to do nothing but read old (and new) books all day and be paid for it.
1st-Mar-2007 12:17 am - biffday!

... I think I feel a bit sick.
1st-Jan-2007 05:01 am - HAPPY NEW YEAR, TOSSERS OH SOSSERS!
Happy New Year!

No new year resolutions for me as I only end up forgetting them. Hope you all have a fantastic 2007, really.
29th-Nov-2006 03:01 am - you're a sell-out baby
I really want a mini-milk.
Crap. I've just eaten a whole garlic bread, I now stink of garlic and appear to have scoffed a million calories. Win!

Oh, but I have a job, I'm serving drinks at the Rod Stewart concert on Tuesday and Wednesday. 6.50 an hour and you can practically do what you like, how wonderful. Money!

Uuuuuggh. I think I'm going to explode. Can't explode before this weekend though, as I'm travelling back to Liverpool/Birkenhead for the weekend - I hope you're all out!

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